About Us

Mobile cranes look like modified trucks. They have engines, undercarriage and other systems similar to the ones you can see in a car. Considering their main purpose, which is lifting weights, they are quite different compared to vehicles we see on a daily basis in the streets. Both mobile cranes and crawler cranes can be described as “machines”. Crane repair involves both mechanical and electronic procedures, which can be contained in the term “mechatronics”. Systems of such high complexity require extensive technical knowledge.
We will be more than happy to help you with your crane. Our services range from overhaul to parts sale and modifications. We have been on the market for over 6 years. Our substantial experience and thorough professionalism allow us to carry out all the repairs you may need. If your crane requires service, our trained technicians and engineers will make your vehicle up and running on the spot.
What makes us special:

  • Professional mobile and crawler cranes overhaul in every European country
  • A wide variety of services, failure diagnostics, leading the repair technology process
  • Complete exploitation review carried out at the customer’s
  • Failure removal
  • Swift access to spare parts
  • Spare parts tipping
  • Technical support at purchase